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Studying for the Physical Therapy Orthopedic Clinical Specialist exam can be a daunting task. 

OCS practice exams and quizzes provide a proven path to success.

There are many benefits to becoming OCS certified. Start your journey with practice tests today!


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Practice makes perfect...taking practice exams has been found to be an extremely effective studying technique. You're on your way to becoming OCS certified!

Becoming OCS certified is easier with a variety of study material

Studying for the OCS exam can be overwhelming. There’s no shortage of information available in the form of prep courses, study groups, and lots and lots of material. Most people are also juggling jobs and personal lives making it even harder to focus.

I used the Medbridge OCS Prep Course as my primary study method. This was a good way for me to synthesize the information and make it more manageable. 

It’s important to use multiple resources as you prepare for the OCS exam. Your knowledge and understanding will be more comprehensive and you will be less likely to miss key points.

The practice tests I have created are meant to be a  supplement to your other learning. The questions are not actual OCS test questions but are similar in format.

Practice questions like these helped me pass in 2020, and they can help you too!

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Similar format to the OCS exam

Questions are similar in style to those found on the OCS. They are based on current knowledge in the field and are updated as necessary.


Both correct and incorrect answer feedback is given, along with references as appropriate. You can retake the tests up to 10 times!


Once you purchase, you will have immediate access. The tests can be taken on desktop or mobile. To more closely mimic the actual test format, desktop is recommended.


Each 50 question test is being offered at the low price of $29.99. Every test has original questions, so you can buy multiple tests without breaking the bank!

Books and laptop used to study for the Physical Therapy OCS test

Preparing to study for the OCS exam

Getting Started on your Journey – A Guide to Prepare for the Physical Therapy OCS Exam The OCS is still a few months away. You may even be trying to decide whether it is worth your time and money to take the exam. Once the decision is made, it’s time to get organized. However, with

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Study for the OCS using a laptop computer

Is the OCS worth it for Physical Therapists?

Is the OCS worth it considering the time and financial costs involved? Many Physical Therapists are asking that same question I struggled for years trying to decide whether I should take the OCS exam. In many ways, I felt like I had already proven myself. I had been an orthopedic and sports Physical Therapist for

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Books and a laptop used to study for a test

My OCS Experience, 30 years into my career

How much difference do those 3 little letters make? Every career has its highlights, and Physical Therapy is no exception. Your first job, a big promotion, landing your dream position, and all the major and minor accomplishments along the way. I am fortunate to have spent 30+ years in a field that I love, doing

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